Figurine Information

♡ How do I make my Figurine? 

  • Upload a FULL BODY photo so we know basic details like hair, spectacles, expression etc. Based on the photo provided, we will craft your figurine accordingly.
  • If you only have a selfie photo, just provide us with the details of the lego that you want. (etc floral shirt, red pants) Try to be as detailed as possible so we can match up to your expectations!
  • If there are any special requests such as choosing themes like wedding, soccer uniform, military etc., leave your request at the "Design Requests" section. 

♡ Can I change parts of my figurine? 

Once we craft, we will contact you on Instagram to confirm with you! You can make a maximum of 2 amendments, and we will guide you accordingly. 

♡ What are the differences between the display cases? 

Small Display Case:
Ideal for 1 figurine only. 
For 2 figurines, it can be placed in front of each other, but not side by side. 

Large Display Case:
Ideal for 2 figurines.
For 3-4 figurines, it can be placed in front of each other, but not side by side. 

Imperfect cases refer to cases that have small, slight scratches on 1 side or more of the casing, but otherwise usable and do not affect the sight or usage of the case. These scratches are minor, and can be ignored especially with a card for the case. However, there will be no exchange or refund for this cheaper price should you wish to change afterwards. 

Keychains/just the figurine itself is free! 

♡ I want my shirt to be a specific colour etc. 

We have solid colour pants/shirts in stock as well! Just leave your request in the design requests section. 

Also, we have many sticker designs that can be placed on the shirt itself to create your own personalised design - letters, logos, cute characters, we have it all! 

♡ Skin tone? 

We are incredibly sorry for the fact that our manufacturer does not provide any skin tone colour beyond beige skin tones. For our dark skinned friends, we have a yellow 'lego' brand colour that fits perfectly as well, and will be used for your figurine :)