How To Order

How do I send my picture & customisation? 

After carting out your order, we will take 24 hours to contact you on Whatsapp with the number you provided, sending you a confirmation text. 

After which, you can send us your picture and customisation requests there. 

If we have not confirmed your order after 24 hours, drop us a DM! 

Add-On Prints: 

Prints refer to: 

  • Stickers
  • Polaroids
  • Postcards

These prints have a special pricing of SGD6. 

However, there is a requirement for this special pricing: 

- Your add-on print has to be the SAME picture used in the illustration as the full-priced product you paid for. 

- If you have more than 1 full priced product, you can choose from either product! 

If you fulfil these requirements, you can order this by selecting 'Add-On Prints', which is one of our products listed in the product page! 

Check it out here:

What is 'Top Coat' for keychains? 

Check out our Instagram highlight to see videos of this add on here: 
Top Coat Highlight