Thank you for visiting our site, and even more thanks if you have purchased anything! :) ♥️ 

If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us on: 


Beechainz is a small, illustration & personalisation business dedicated to producing the best possible handcrafted items for our customers. We strive to encapsulate all your precious memories in an item, to keep with you forever. 

♡ Will my illustration/ personal photo be used? 

By submitting your picture to Beechainz, you automatically consent to allowing us to use your ILLUSTRATION as any form of marketing, promotional, or business related material. There will be no identification of your personal self, or any attachment to your personal information. 

In addition, we do not keep or store your original photos, only the illustrated version will be kept. 

If at any time you are uncomfortable with us using your illustration as marketing or promotional material, please let us know in advance.

♡ How long will my products take? 
Time will vary depending on season. DM us for current waiting times! 

Keychains: 1.5 weeks - 2 weeks ++
Planners & Calendar: 1 week ++ 
Prints: 1 week++ 

If you need your product urgently, please DM us!
Each product is carefully handcrafted and illustrated. We hope you will be patient while our bees craft your products for you! :)

♡ I am confused about how to order!!!
No worries! DM us on Instagram or drop us a message on Whatsapp and we'll help you out! :) 

♡ I put in the wrong information!!!
No worries again~ :) Just drop us a message at either platforms ^! 

♡ Can I change my order details? 
If we haven't started to draw your order, sure you can! We will send you a confirmation text, just reply us there and we'll change it! 

♡ Can I view my illustration before buying the product? 
No, we have to take time to draw the illustration and we can't have customers back out, all the effort would be wasted :(

♡ Can I view my illustration before making the product? 
We understand your worries on how the product will look, but rest assured we give our 100% in every illustration made. The process of creating your product (as well as other customers) will be slowed down if we had to amend everybody's orders so we do seek your kind understanding. 

If you would really like to view your illustration before making the product, charges will apply! :) 

♡ How long will shipping take? 
Tracked Delivery: 2-4 days, upon receiving your shipping details
Self-Collection: Can be collected immediately upon finishing the product

Do note that for mailing and deliveries, we are not liable for any lost or damaged parcels. All products will be checked thoroughly before sending to ensure there are no damages and are in perfect condition.

♡ What is 'Tracked Delivery'? 
Tracked Delivery refers to any courier here in Singapore (depending on availability). The courier's companies may not be the same each time, depending on its circumstances. However, no matter the company, there will be a tracking number for you each time. 
e.g. sometimes it may be J&T, the next QExpress, etc 

♡ Where are the self-collect locations? 
1. Queenstown 
All products available for collection here, except keychain (excluding Spotify)

2. Pioneer
Products that can be collected here: 
- Keychains (except Spotify) 
- Calendars 

Full address will be given once products are purchased! 

♡ How do I collect from the self-collect locations? 
We have a small collection station at these locations that are open 24/7, and can be collected ANYTIME. Just let us know when you are coming down in advance to make sure that we have placed your parcel outside! :) 

♡ Can my illustration include facial features?
Beechainz's original style does not include facial features. Only our Mini Me Collection has facial features. 

♡ Can I use my own drawing & purchase your products? 
Yes, definitely!!! DM us and we'll give you a special pricing. :) 

♡ I have purchased your products before and want to use the same illustration again! 
Sure! DM us and we'll give you a special pricing as well :)

♡ What is a Beechainz Loyalty card? 
For every $20 spent, you can get 1 sticker which will be included together with your order to place on your loyalty card. There are different prizes to be redeemed!

Once stickers have been placed on your loyalty card, you can redeem it on your NEXT order. DM us to show us proof, and get a special code to redeem your products! :) 

Stickers placed on loyalty cards are special Beechainz stickers, so do remember to stick only the stickers that have been given to you - any other sticker will not count! 

♡ Bulk orders? 
Yessssu! But depending on the existing amount of orders at a time, the time to produce your bulk orders may vary.  

♡ Are you guys hiring? 
Not at the moment!