About Us

Beechainz started in July 2020 with the idea to encapsulate memories into something that can be kept, anywhere you go. Every single craft is handmade with love. We believe that the best kind of gift is one that is personalised and unique to the individual.

Beechainz has collaborated with DateIdeas SG, one of the most-visited platforms by couples for ideas on unique dating experiences and gifts. Beechainz is also one of the retail shops featured at Changi’s Dino Fest’20, Esplanade Makers Market, and has partnered with Singapore Management University (SMU) twice, to provide welcome orientation gifts for freshmen.

Need a bulk order gift set for your company, or perhaps just a party favour for your wedding or birthday? Feel free to DM us on Instagram, or email us for special pricing and deals! 

We are always finding new ways to improve on our existing products, and are super welcoming to any new suggestions you may have!

Email us at beechainzmail@gmail.com! 

By submitting your picture to Beechainz, you automatically consent to allowing us to use your ILLUSTRATION as any form of marketing, promotional, or business related material. There will be no identification of your self, or any attachment to your personal information. 

In addition, we do not keep or store your original photos, only the illustrated version will be kept. 

If at any time you are uncomfortable with us using your illustration as marketing or promotional material, please let us know in advance.